Letter for Seed Rescue Operation

Each year millions (perhaps billions) of perfectly viable seeds are throw in the trash across North America. Many seed companies apply the same rigorous viability standards used for commercial farmers to products sold to backyard gardeners. This forces stores like Canadian Tire, Metro, and Home Hardware (to name just a few) that carry seeds to throw their seeds away when this commercial farming viability standard has passed…but the seeds still work for the purposes of non-commercial growers!

Because these companies would just throw the seeds in the trash, no longer safe for sale, they are more than willing to donate the seeds. When donating the seeds the companies often need a letter from a non-profit organization to help speed up the process. Below is a sample letter you can give them, just fill-in the blanks.




[Day and Month], 2016


To whom it may concern,


It has come to our attention that the seeds in your store will soon outlive their commercial viability and be ordered off the shelves. On behalf of the [name and brief description of your organization], we seek to save these seeds from disposal and freely distribute them to not-for-profit community gardens and gardeners across [your town, city or region].


In this way we can further the goal of local food security and promote a culture of gardening and community well-being to the benefit of all. As the disposal of seeds tends to be an annual occurrence, we are interested in developing an ongoing partnership to redirect the seeds to those in need once they are no longer fit for sale. In return we would be happy to work with you to determine the appropriate recognition for you in return for your generosity in this matter. We look forward to a fruitful relationship and thank you for your consideration.


Warm regards,




[Name and position in the organization]