What is a Branch?

A Branch of the Toronto Seed Library is a physical seed collection on display and freely open to the public, offering seeds to check out and grow. All branches are unique to their circumstances, however all are in some way directly connected to and supported by the Toronto Seed Library community.

How To Start a Branch of the Toronto Seed Library

A branch can be simple or complex. From as small and simple as a seed box made from a recycled shoe box, to an old filing cabinet, stand or chesterfield, rack or other creative displays. Better yet, design your own and come build a branch with us at the new Toronto Tool Library Makerspace! The TSL supports new branches with an initial stock of seeds with necessary seed refills, ongoing programming and events, community outreach, general support and much more.

To start a branch please email us torontoseedlibrary@gmail.com .

Starting your own seed collection? Check out this excellent primer on micro seed-banking developed by Seeds of Diversity.

Anyone anywhere can grow a seed library!

It’s seedy, it’s easy and it’s free!¬†