Join our seedy team today!

The Toronto Seed Library (TSL) is a community labour of love & depends on the voluntary participation & cooperation of many. Listed below are diverse opportunities for engagement & we invite you to share your unique gifts!

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Seed Savers

We are continuously gifted both rare and common seeds.  We seek experienced seed savers and or folks interested in learning, to commit to growing and saving specific rare and common seeds each season to maintain quality and increase the quantity of our community seed collection.


The TSL flourishes with the help of countless beings but depends largely on the commitment of a few dedicated cultivators. Cultivators organize events, coordinate volunteers, communicate via social media/newsletters, send and respond to emails, and more. Cultivators ensure the long term viability of the project. It is a greater responsibility, but offers equally great opportunities. The more of us the more seeds we can save and share !

Outreach Team

We have bean going to as many ’seed/food/environment’ focused events as possible to promote the TSL and the response has been incrEdible! But with so many happening (often several in one day!) and so few of us, there are many missed opportunities for cross-pollination. If you are able to hand out seeds, flyers, sign interested people up to the mailing list and chat about the project join our Seedy Street Team!

Social Media & Web Team

We currently maintain a Facebook page, Twitter account @FreeSeedsTo and are developing this website. We are also interested in seeding other social media platforms. We need volunteers to assist in designing and maintaining the website and keeping our social media pages active, relevant, and useful.

Event Hosts

We are seeking seedy hosts & organizers for TSL information/promotion sessions, seed swaps (or “Seed-Ins”), and food/gardening/seed saving workshops in any environment where pea-poles unite to grow, learn and share.

Branch Hosts

We are branching out across the city! Sow your place on the Seedy Map! We’re seeking host spaces for new branches of the TSL – including but not limited to public libraries, schools, community, ethnic and faith based- centres, community housing, and anywhere else there is room to grow.

Seedy Zine Creators

We’re perpetually working on a bee-autiful, interesting and informative zine to promote the TSL and awareness around seed/food sovereignty. We need support from start to finish; art, content, layout, distribution. Contact to contribute your editorials, interviews, short stories, photos, infographics, poetry, recipes, horoscope, comic strips, artijoke of the day, advertisements, a profile of your organization, upcoming events within the community and more. The Seedy Zine will be quarterly, seasonal and inspirational!


The TSL promotes and celebrates the rich cultural and biological diversity of Planet Earth especially expressed in our most diverse Seedy of Toronto. To this end we are seeking translators to translate our seeds, flyers, website and information into all languages possible so that our seedy movement is accessible to all.


We are looking for a few folks to help with data entry, seed package labeling, type up minutes from meetings, create/upkeep events calendar and more.


We need help digging deeper. We are constantly researching the web for seedy news, resources and connecting with sister seed libraries across the GTA, Ontario, Canada and beyond. This information is used to inspire  and empower our moist seedy movement and to help establish the Toronto Seed Library as a virtual seed library hub.

General Volunteer/Worker Bee

Interested in being a general volunteer or worker bee? Someone who can be counted on for random tasks and general help in TSL operations? Grape!

For more information on how to bee involved don’t hesitate to contact us –