Seedy Saturdays 2018

Seedy Saturdays are annual seed exchanges, a series of gardening fairs and celebrations of seeds that occur during winter and early spring throughout Toronto and beyond. The events originated in Canada in the early 90’s, and have since spread across the world. In Toronto, they are typically organized by the Toronto Community Garden Network, Seeds of Diversity,  among many other groups. Each Seedy Saturday (or Sunday) hosts a seed exchange where people can donate, return or borrow free seeds and to purchase seeds from local seed farmers. Seedy Saturdays often include speakers, vendors, tasty foods, and workshops — ranging in discussions of how to plant a seed, to pruning, to seed saving to creating an urban garden habitat.

Come join the Toronto Seed Library’s “Traveling Branch” that will be attending most of the events to support the exchanges and share knowledge about our ongoing seed growing and saving initiatives. These events are a great way to learn about the seedy community in Toronto, access rare seeds and varieties, share your extra seeds, learn, teach, and grow.

Seed Packing and Seedy Saturday Events in Toronto

For an up-to date seed events listing see our events calendula linked here :


For a full up-to-date listing of Seedy Saturday events across the GTA and Canada, check out the Seeds of Diversity website –

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SEEDY SATURDAY: If you want to help organize or volunteer at a Seedy Saturday in your community, peas contact us. We are part of a Toronto wide Seedy Saturday organizing committee: email .