There are many grape ways to bee involved with the Toronto Seed Library. Here’s where to get started:

1. Check-out or Donate Seeds
We have sow mulch loveage for growers and seed savers! All our seeds are 100% free, please check-out seeds today from one of our branches or a seedy event and get growing — just remember to save some seeds and return them to the library. We entirely rely on seed donations from the community and seed companies for our stock. To arrange a bigger seed donation, or to check-out our main seed stockpile for larger gardens, contact us today.

2. Donate Thyme
Volunteers make the Toronto Seed Library happen! We are always looking for new Sprouts to join the team, and have many roles to fill. Check out our volunteer page for more information.

3. Donate Seed Funds
You can also support the Toronto Seed Library with monetary donations by giving to our non-profit organization, The Seed Library Commons. Funds go towards growing the seed library and fertilizing our already existing projects. Donate today electronically through Paypal, meet us at one of our year-round events for cash donations, or mail a cheque to:

The Seed Library Commons
c/o St. Stephen-in-the-Fields
103 Bellevue Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 2N8 Canada