April Showers Bring Seeds & Flowers

Spring is kind of in the air, and new Seed Library branches are popping up with the dandelions and tulips! Three new branches are opening (or have opened) in April and every Saturday this month we’ve got an event with the Toronto Public Library. This year we are trying to focus a bit on Native Flower and Plants — make sure to check out the revamped branch at the High Park Nature Centre, its main focus is Native Seeds.

More event details below including a meet-up to discuss a possible Spore Library and a talk about the Botanical Gardens with Chief Librarian Brendan Behrmann.


TPL Events Final



Every Saturday in April, plus Wednesday the 16, we’ll ‘bee’ facilitating Seed Saving Workshops at various branches of the Toronto Public Library across the city. For a full listing check out our events ‘calendula’ here.

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-Join us to celebrate the launch of our CRC Branch and the Bengali + Tamil New Year! This branch will help serve the Regent Park community. Learn how Seed Libraries work and have some great food and enjoy music by local artists!

More  New Branches

-Our branch at 160 Bartley Drive has been revived to serve the Scarborough and East End communities. If you have any questions the contact person is Andrew at akr@greengardeners.ca

-In early May we’ll be launching a branch in the Thorncliffe area with the Thorncliffe Neighborhood Office at 1 Leaside Park Drive.

The Big Carrot Green Roof branch will be up and running after a launch party on May 31.

More Events

-As a part of the HortiCULTURE Lecture Series at the Toronto Botanical Gardens (777 Lawrence Avenue East), on April 16 from 1 to 2:30pm, Brendan Behrmann, Chief Librarian of the Toronto Seed Library will be speaking. Explore basic seed saving, seed freedom, cleaning and storage, plus advanced techniques like how to plan seed gardens, and how to deal with biennials & hard-to-save seeds. Bring your questions and expertise, and pick up free seeds! More info here.

The Toronto Spore Library will bee a project of The Seed Library Commons dedicated to spores — the reproductive vehicle of fungi, mosses, and ferns. April 17 at 5pm in the CRC @ 40 Oak St will be the first meeting. It will be dedicated to planning, logistics and bringing up any questions involving the project. More info here/registration.

-We’ll also be at the last day of the Gladstone Grow-Op on April 26 from 11am to 4pm. Greet spring with seeds, plants, music, food and much more – all in celebration and raising awareness about the art and practice of urban agriculture. Let’s get dirtier together!! Special workshop by Bowery Project and an organic tasting from Chef Jamie Kennedy in collaboration with the urban farmers at Fresh City Farms. The Seed Library will be tabling and hosting a workshop.

The Seedy Zine & Donations

-The Winter 2015 edition of The Seedy Zine is out! You can grab copies at our events for $5 or at Urban Harvest’s table at Farmer’s Markets and view the PDF online. The Winter 2015 edition features pawpaw campaign tree information, round ups on the Eastern Canada Organic Seed Growers Conference and Guleph Organics Conference, a basic guide to worm composting, philosophy, art, poetry, and other seedy info.

We are currently accepting articles, art, poetry, and whatever you produce related to seeds or agriculture for the Spring 2015 edition. Email submissions to: theseedyzine@gmail.com

-Running the Seed Library takes lots of thyme and money — two things that are always in short supply. Please donate today to help the Seed Library run tomorrow! We also accept in kind donations of Coin Envelopes (#1 or #3 plz), Gardening Supplies, and, of course, Seeds. Here’s a link to our Paypal Account.